Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY: Martha Stewart craft jars (mothers day coming up!)

This DIY is cheap and requires zero effort.


Craft jars from hobby lobby (if you have a smartphone you can show them a hobby lobby 40% coupon)

Martha Stewart kitchen labels from staples

The pictures are pretty much self-explanatory...your just going to be applying the Martha Stewart stickers to the jar. I haven't decided what to write on the stickers yet so I left them blank for now. I would recommended a permanent market once you decide what you'd like to label each of the jars. The stickers are dishwasher and freezer safe so you won't have to worry about the market washing off if you ever need to wash the jars. I will be using the jars for craft supplies but I have seen others use it for cotton balls, quitips, spices, sugar, flour, etc.
Happy crafting!

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