Saturday, January 13, 2018

What to buy on Amazon.

I could just give all my money to Amazon Prime. It's honestly been a live saver with preparing for this wedding. Everyone I need is delivered in 2 days, how much better can it get!? I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas and wanted to share some fun things I've purchased and loved. I'd love to hear what you've purchased recently!

You know your an adult when you're purchasing things like Surge Protectors and Packing Cubes and your actually excited about it. 

Packing Cubes: If you haven't already discovered packing cubes, you've been living under a rock. These are seriously the most amazing organizational tool to have while traveling. It's great because each packing cube can be for a different clothing item (pants, tops, dresses, swimsuits, etc.). 

USB Surge Protector: I love these for all my different electronics. I can plug in my phone and then use the usb charger for my headphones and backup phone charger. This way I don't have to have three bulky charging blocks. 

Glass Bottles: Like everyone else in 2018, I hopped on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. These glass bottles allow me to pre-make my shakes and keep them refrigerated for an easy breakfast grab-n-go. 

Spa Head Wraps: I love these for a quick morning face wash. I also love that it comes in a four pack so that you can quickly throw one in the wash after use. What a cute spa birthday party favor these would make! 

Cycle Dog Toy: Cali chews almost every toy we buy her. These are the only toys she can't bite through...worth every penny I promise! 

Doggy Bags: This is such an amazing deal. You can purchase these at stores like Home Goods but for the amount of bags you're getting, these are the best deal! 

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors: I have purchased so many women facial razors over the years but this is the only one that actually does something. If you get rid of the peach fuzz on the side of your face, your notice your makeup goes on so much smoother! 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: This lip mask helps with those crusty winter dry lips! It's a thick mask that just works when you're sleeping! 

Le Pen Pen Set: I'm like a kid when it comes to new pens. I love doodling and lettering 
and coloring in my adult coloring books.

Chewy Ice Mold: Please tell me you've had sonic chewy ice. These ice molds definitely don't produce the same product, but it's as close as it gets! You can also use these for coffee creamers or homemade dog treats!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gift Guide 2017.

1. Marble Recipe Book (here
For years, I've been on the search for a cute recipe binder. I found an adorable recipe box but wanted something I could flip through and write notes on the recipes along the way if I needed to. I stumbled upon the Etsy shop Simmer and Sprout and fell in love with the customized recipe binders. Ashley is extremely quick to respond and can literally create anything you want for your binder! If you've been looking for a cute recipe binder to add to your house warming gift, or your white elephant exchange, this is the perfect unique gift! Ashley so kindly gave my readers a code to use for 10% off your purchase! Use code: THANKYOU10 
2. Yeti Tumbler (here
I've finally succumb to the "yeti" family. I have yet to hear anything negative about these Yeti Tumblers! If you're looking for something that will keep your coffee hot for hours, this is a great gift for you! There are plenty of colors to choose from and they're dishwasher safe....who hates washing dishing as much as I do!? 
3. Wireless Beats (here
Have you ever tried to work out with headphone cords dangling and getting tangled!? These are a game changer. With the New Year around the corner, isn't it time for a new year new you?
4. Sara Happy Lip Scrub (here)
Need a stocking stuffer? Look no further. Nobody likes dry, crusty, cracked lips. But with winter, it's inevitable. This lip scrub will get your lips "red lipstick" ready for the New Year! 
5. Baskets (here)
Nothing says the New Year like getting organized....and Joanna Gaines would approve. These baskets are perfect for blankets/board games/decorative pillows/, etc. World Market always has the best selection for quality woven baskets. Pick up all three or choose the size you'd like! 
6. Ugg Slippers (here)
First thing I do when I walk in the door after a long day? Fling off my shoes. However, first thing my bulldog Cali wants to do is run around outside. These slippers are perfect because they have a hard bottom so I can step outside and let the bulldog go crazy. These are pricey for a pair of slippers but with Uggs, your pretty much guaranteed years of use!
7. Marble Staple Remover (here)
How adorable is this!? You know your an adult when your excited about a staple remover for work. Let's be honest ladies, it makes working a little easier when you have cute desk accessories. 
8. Barefoot Dreams Socks (here)
Wow. These socks are like butter. I found myself in Nordstrom mesmerized by the material, I can't imagine what the ladies in the sleepwear department were thinking. Who doesn't love a good pair of socks though! #itsthelittlethings
9. Slip Eye Mask (here)
I got lasik this past year and my doctor literally told me to invest in a good sleep mask. To my surprise, a lot of us sleep with our eyes slightly open at night....totally creepy I know. This will dry your eyes out in the mornings and cause blurriness throughout the day. A quality sleep mask can prevent that, as well as wrinkles and under eye circles. That's a win, win, win. 
10. Letterfolk Board (here)
I love these quirky letter boards to make things a little fun around the house. Maybe you want to countdown to your 10 year high school reunion so you can whip your butt into shape, or you need a little motivational quote for the Monday morning or maybe just to let your significant other know you're thinking about them!
11. Marble Initial Coasters (here)
I always try to find gifts that people wouldn't buy for themselves. We all have so many other necessities to buy on a day-to-day basis, these initial coasters would never make the "to-buy" list. Therefore, they make the perfect unique gift. 
12. Nest Candle (here
This candle literally smells like the Holidays, hence the name "The Holiday" candle. It is literally the perfect blend  of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with a hunt of vanilla and amber. #imean

Think outside the box when your gift-giving. 
Make it fun, unique and personal and your gift will be perfect! 


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Charleston Guide

My mom and I took an extended weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina this past October. 
It was a surprise for my 27th birthday and to celebrate exactly 6 months (crazy right!?) until my BIG day. My mom has never been so it was a treat for her to see this adorable city too! This city has such much history, character, good eats, shopping and sweet southern charm. I've compiled a Charleston guide (here) in 2015 but I wanted to give y'all an updated list. Here are just a few things for your to do! 

|| The Mill House, Pineapple Fountain, Birds Famous Cookies ||
|| Sugar Bakeshop, Calls Hot Little Biscuit, The Charleston Soap Chef, Mac & Murphy's ||
|| Charleston Historic District, The Contents Co., B Doughnuts, Tradd St. ||

Skinny Dip (try the frose)
Candy Shop Vintage
City Market (old whaling co.)
Farmers Market (the Charleston soap chef & the contents co.)
King Street 
Mac & Murphy's
Moon & Lola

Food Places:
Kitchen 208 (plantation waffle)
Callies Hot little biscuit (the original biscuit with homemade jam)
Monza pizza (the margherita) 
Taco boy (the quesadillas) 
Sticky Fingers (the barbecue sandwich) 
The Husk (the husk cheeseburger & wedge fries)
Caviar and Bananas (ciabatta turkey sandwich with apricot-rosemary marmalade)

Jenis Icecream-flights of minis (raspberry buttermilk & almond brittle flavor)
Birds famous cookies (the original cookie)
Market street sweet (pralines)
Sugar Bakeshop (chocolate coconut cupcakes)
B Doughnuts (fruity pebble donut)
Belgian Gelato (milk chocolate flavor)
Molly & Me Pecans (apple pie moonshine pecans)
Woof Gang Bakery (the pups need sweets too!)

Historic Walking Tour
Dry Bar 
Angel Oak Tree
Mylk Bar Nail Salon
Candlefish (candle making byob class) 
Boone Hall Plantation (notebook summer house)
Folly Beach (shark teeth, starfish and lighthouse)

|| Tradd St., Woog Gang Bakery, Boone Hall Plantation, Taco Boy ||
|| Charleston Historic District, Candlefish, Battery Park ||
|| Tradd St., Old Whaling Co. & Skinny Dip ||

Friday, October 6, 2017

Five Things

1. Succulents. I love anything that will stay alive without much attention....that's what I'm good at it. Give me all the succulents and I'll have the most beautiful succulent garden ever. Give me 
flowers....they'll be dead in a week. 

2. This (similar here) cross body bag I recently got for my birthday! I can't believe I've only owned one of these in my lifetime. I would always just quickly grab my wallet if we were running out somewhere and never thought to invest in a quality cross body bag until now. This bag is perfect, it fits my cell phone (iPhone 6 Plus), lip gloss, my debit card, license, a snack bar (because I don't go anywhere without one), gum and my headphones and sunglasses. That's all I need! I am abandoning my heavy luggage purse for a while and giving this a try. So far, I'm loving not having to carry anything!

3. These (here) pumpkin spice caramels. I can't get enough. I'll warn you, their highly addictive. 

4. I've recently been pinning laundry rooms. I don't have one yet....and it probably won't be as glamorous as this one...but a girl can dream! This minimalistic farmhouse style laundry room below is absolutely perfect. 

5. Emily always comes up with the most intriguing topics. I just recently stumbled across (this post) about "her approach on candles". They say you learn something new everyday, well here are some things I didn't know about candles. Trimming your wicks? Using a candle snuffer? I had no idea I had been slacking on my candle skills all along....

Friday, September 29, 2017

Five Things.

Framebridge is a website where you can upload and frame any picture in any size/color/style frame you want. I decided to go with the Instagram size frames in the style, Gold Dorado. I'm obsessed with the way these turned out! Framebridge is always offering different package deals.....and with Christmas coming, these would make great presents and a really cute gallery wall! Use the code (here) to sign up and get $10 off your first order!

MinicampLT is an etsy shop (here) that makes teepee's for children...and for dogs. I came across this page while searching for dog related items on Etsy (because my dog is extremely spoiled). I fell in LOVE with these little handmade pom-pom teepee's. 

I've recently started to get into podcasts and have been loving them. I really enjoy self-help podcasts but I've recently been loving listening to, Love that Lasts with Jeff & Alyssa Bethke (here). This couple just makes your heart melt. Jeff and Alyssa give pre-marital advice, newlywed advice and much more. 

I know I'm not the only one that absolutely dreads shopping for jeans. I could go into a dressing room with 30 pairs of jeans and leave the store without buying any of them. Well, people. I have found THE perfect jeans. These jeans (here) feel like pajamas. I've never tried Express jeans on before, and now I'm hooked.

This loaf pan cheesecake recipe (here). I wish I could say this was my idea, it was actually one of my favorite cookbook Authors, Christina Lane. Christina creates dessert recipes designed for two people, genius!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Five things.

It's been a while. I tell myself everyday to sit down and write up a blog post. But let's be honest, like everyone in the creative world, I go through times I feel super inspired and others when I feel like nothing has inspired me. Well finally, this past week, I found some inspiration. I stumbled upon Emily Schuman's blog series called, "Five Things" (here) which reminded me of my old blog series called, "Friday's Five Fab Favorites". Emily basically shares five things, whether it's a recipe, a new local coffee shop, a favorite purchase, a weekend trip...anything that really catches her eye! I'm adding this back into my blog because if I'm inspired by it, I'm sure someone else will be too! Let me know your thoughts! 

1. The perfect tray for entertaining or fall/winter decor! I love gold and marble together. Can you see this tray with an orange juice carafe, champagne and tiny bowls with toppings!? #minimimosatray I am so excited for all the possibilities!!! Target (here)

2.  I've been wanting to get all my pups stuff (follow along @allthingspandp to check her out!!) organized, it's everywhere! I found these super cute baskets on H&M online (here)and they're the perfect size for all her goods! 

3. Don't you want your house to smell like freshly baked homemade oatmeal cookies without even having to bake!? This candle (here). Oh my.  

4. This "mini" steamer by Joy Mangano. My mom has had one for years now and I just jumped on the bandwagon. It's great for traveling and you don't have to worry about an iron board.

5. This jumbo poptart recipe (here). I made it past weekend and it was gone in a matter of minutes. Every bite you take he raspberry jam just oozes out the sides..need I saw more!?

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these "Five Things" posts!
Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Two weeks ago, I went to Nashville for my best friends Bachelorette (Nashelorette). It was an extended weekend trip, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was honestly the perfect amount of time! In this post, I'm compiling our trip and calling it, "things you must see". 

For me it's the South, anything about the South, I love it. Nashville/Music City/Nashvegas whatever you wanna call it, it's amazing. The music is truly breathtaking, it's like listening to your very own country concert. The whole time your listening you forget your just in some local Nashville bar. I think honestly, even if you aren't into country music, you'd enjoy this town. The combination of the lights, the music, the amazing food, cute boutiques, rooftop bars all create this beautiful ambience, day or night. 

Kelsey Montague "What Lifts You" Mural: 
Located in "The Gulch"

This beautiful 20 foot high mural took 60 paint pens to create. Kelsey's goal for this piece was to invite people into her piece and then invite people to share their experience. If you look closely at the wings, you'll see guitars, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, the Nashville bridge and plenty of other intricate designs. There is also a smaller version for babies, dogs, or more shameless selfies. 

Draper James: 
Located on "12 South" 

Y'all, this is just the sweetest store ever....literally as soon as you walk through the doors they proceed with, "howdy y'all, would you like some sweet tea?". I love it. The shop just screams Southern Belle from the baby blue and white gingham stripes to the red and white BBQ style dresses. If you're a marketing guru like me, you'll adore this timeless southern style shop. 

The Southern: 
Located on "3rd Ave"

Brunch. For starters, you'll get biscuits with jam, biscuits with automatically, I'm in. This restaurant features influences from the Gulf Coast to the Caribbean and from Nova Scotia to North Carolina. They offer a large dining area for big groups and serve a delicious blood orange mimosa. I highly recommend, "The Highway" which is a fried chicken on a Belgian waffle drizzled with maple syrup. Drool. 

The Parthenon:
Located in "Centennial Park" 

The Parthenon in Nashville is a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It took Nashville 10 years to build this and it is now a working museum and huge tourist attraction. Ps. if you scroll below to check out the Party Porch tour bus, this is one of your you can check that off the list...a two for one deal! 

I Believe in Nashville Mural:
Located on "12 South" 
Street Artist, Adrien Saporiti created this, "I believe in Nashville" mural. This has become another "Instagram famous" wall art to visit. This is literally right around the corner from Draper James! 

Amelia's Flower Truck:
Located at "White Mercantile, The Gulch or Dose Coffee"

Amelia's is a mobile flower shop with three different trucks (Amy, Rory and Melody). Amelia's started when Mattie (not Amelia) started traveling to big cities like New York, London, Paris and Milan. She noticed that buying flowers was so accessible in these cities and thought Nashville needed the same concept. You can either buy flowers directly from the truck or have them delivered to you. 

Dozen Bakery:
Located in "Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood" 

We were wondering around looking for this place in an industrial park thinking, "ok this is a little sketchy." We turned the corner and this cute little place came out of nowhere, and it was delicious. Lesson here, don't judge a book by it's cover. The dozen bakery started as a holiday cookie pop-up shop and turned into a full service cafe and bakery. Seriously, the best chocolate chip cookies I think I've ever had. Try the baguette with homemade jam and butter. 

Five Daughters Bakery: 
Located on "12 South" 

My mom and I try to buy a cupcake everywhere we go, so I wanted to bring her back one from Nashville. Five Daughters Bakery was located on 12 South about a mile from Draper James. To my surprise, it was just donuts....which is absolutely fine with me. However, these donuts were not just plain ole' donuts...they're 100 layer donuts. They take four days to make and two of these babies weigh about the same as 10 glazed Krispy Kreme donuts. I brought one home to my mom and we shared it (she wasn't happy about it). The donut practically melts in your mouth, it's magical. 

Party Porch:
Located off "Broadway"

Worth every penny. This party bus played everything from early 2000 hip hop, to some OG 90's music. Y'all, just stop at the liquor store before and the bus will provide water, ice and mixers for your alcohol. In the end, every single person will be dancing. It's a two hour bus trip around Nashville, so not only are you getting your drink on but your able to be a tourist as of both worlds.

Blue Monkey Shaved Ice:
Nashville is hot. I'm talking boob sweat (ladies, we've all been there), makeup running, deodorant just isn't enough, hot. This mobile shaved ice truck has the hook up. 

The "Stops along the way:
I call these the "stops along the way" because most likely, you'll come across them throughout your journeys to the stops above. 

Petal Flower Cart-the sweetest happiest flower shop on wheels 
King of Pops-traveling popsicle cart
ACME Feed & Seed-food, cocktails, live music, shop & rooftop bar 
Coyote Ugly-just'll see what I mean after. 
FGL House-the Florida Georgia Line...go for the downstairs "club" scene at night