Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Buying on Poshmark 101

I've bought several times on Poshmark, including these beautiful suede Steve Madden pumps below! I love Poshmark for the fact that I can still keep up with the trends but save money at the same time. I have a year full of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. and it's nice to know that I can afford to buy "new" outfits for these events without breaking the bank. Its super easy to get a great deal, here's how to do it!

I look for consistency with titles, layouts, descriptions and the quality of the pictures. Consistency is something I strive for as a seller because I want my customers to feel like my shop is organized and seamless. I'm likely to click away from a shop if some of pictures are dark and some are light or the titles are chaotic.
Authenticity and Honesty:
If I'm buying an item (designer or not) I like to know everything about it. In my search, I'm looking for "authentic" in the title/description or some form of picture documenting the authenticity. Also, I'm looking for a seller that will describe or photograph any damages the item might have.
Customer Service:
This is huge to me. After working several years at gyms and hair salons, I've realized customer service is key. As a buyer, I look for someone who is quick to respond with any questions I have. I will also go through some of the recent comments from other sellers to see if their questions were answered. This sometimes answers the questions that I may have as well. To me, if the seller does not respond quick/answer questions directly that's a sure sign they will be late on shipment or the package comes "not as pictured". Most importantly, look at the reviews; quality of their service! 
Once you've found an item you'd like to purchase, research it. Find out if you're getting a good deal, considering the quality of the item. I would research via google to see if you the item is available online but I would also check to see if their is another one on Poshmark to compare prices. 
Take advantage of your filters, they're tons of them! 
-Just shared 
-Just in
-Price high-low
-Price low-high
-Price recently dropped
-Type of closet

Friday, February 17, 2017

Car Organization

Keep it minimalistic, with the mindset, "less is better". Obviously, the more junk you have the harder it is to maintain a neat area. 

Let's start with the center console...this solution will vary depending on the size of your center console, but you get the idea. I measured my area and found that two mason jars could fit perfectly at the bottom. The two mason jars hold my antibacterial and bath and body works car fresheners. I like to keep a pair of driving gloves here during the winter time and a change purse for late night Taco Bell runs...and meters. I needed flat storage to sit on top of the mason jars to maximize space which is where this photo container (here) came in handy. I keep lipgloss, lotion, anti-bacterial, lipstick and pepper spray. Pepper spray is a must ladies. 

In my glove compartment, I keep my diy car binder, diy receipt file system, a pouch full of napkins and my registration. Here's how to create my diy car binder and diy receipt file system. 

DIY Car Binder:
-Car information (year, make, model, vin, dealership info and numbers)
-Emergency Information (emergency contacts, allergies, etc.) 
-Car Trouble (how to change a tire, jump your car, put air in your tires, etc)
-Car Maintenance (section to keep track of any work done to your car)
-Notes (any other information)
-Pocket (insurance card, title, registration) 

DIY Car Receipt Binder:
-Oil Change 
-Car Wash 

The backseat houses an umbrella (similar here) and car trash can (here). The pet hammock is from Amazon (here) for $ purchase ever. Its easy to pop in and out and easy to wipe down. 

There are so many options for trunk organizers, but I love these from Thirty One (here). The inserts are removable if you need more space and are easy to clean. I keep a first aid kit, car emergency kit, extra car air freshener vents, microfiber towels, leather cleaning wipes, interior car wipes and more antibacterial wipes. The smaller organizer is from Target (here) which is great for organizing your reusable shopping bags. I also keep a bed sheet at the bottom of this organizer for impromptu picnics. 

What you need in your car first aid kit:
-assortment of bandages
-safety pins
-adhesive tape
-antiseptic creams
-insect sting relief pads
-cotton balls
-a needle 
-saline solution
-hot/cold packs
-disposable gloves
-disposable masks

What you need in your car and emergency kit: 
-Emergency Blanket
-Water Bottles
-Non-perishable snacks
-Duct Tape 
-Plastic Bags
-Hand warmers 
-Double and Triple Batteries 
-Jumper Cables 
-Swiss Army Knife
-Safety Flares 

Side note: I have a keychain in my purse where I keep this all-in-one tool that cuts your seat belt and breaks your window. A friend of ours turned me onto this after it saved her life during a freak flood. Buy it (here). 

Lastly, one tiny bulldog sticker from the company Smoosh Face United on etsy (here). 

Monday, January 9, 2017

An UNPLUGGED Vacation.

New Years Eve was spent in the boonies of Virginia. It was beautiful, quiet, no internet (with the exception of the town Walmart 40 minutes away) and no cable. It was so nice to shut off from the real world for a while. It's easy to get wrapped up with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter....or quickly search for a recipe on Pinterest (3000 pins later). I'm extremely guilty of letting social media rule my life! This trip was a nice reminder to unplug every once in a while.....which brings me to my number one New Years resolutions.....BE MORE PRESENT.......In all aspects of my life. Give it a try, for one weekend...UNPLUG....

If you're looking for an extended weekend getaway....and when I say getaway, I mean like a no-service kind of getaway....this might be the perfect place for you. This house is called the "Riverview Plantation" located in Gladstone, VA on the James River. Perfect for all the nature lovers, hunters, fisherman...outdoorsy peeps! The owner was wonderful to work with and has a true talent for finding some amazing antiques! 

SIDE NOTE: I did get to post one, pretty important picture that weekend....and that was only because I GOT ENGAGED!! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure you've already seen this news. I am not going to be doing an engagement blog post because our photographer is doing that for us. You'll just have to wait and see how it all went down :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hot Chocolate Gift Set.

Have that coworker at work that makes your Mondays a little easier? Or that mailman that sees you pull into your driveway and personally walks over your mail? Or what about the barista at Starbucks who makes an effort to ask how work is going and gets your order right every time? This is the most perfect, inexpensive way to say "thank you"!! This gift set is under $10 and can all be found at your local Michaels craft store and Target. 

You'll need:
-Crinkle Paper (Michaels)
-Cookie Tin (Michaels) 
-Test Tubes (Michaels) 
-Hot Chocolate Mix (Target)
-Dollar Section Candy (Target)

The majority of these holiday items are usually on sale at this time of year, but if not, use your coupons!! 

I was able to fit two packets of hot chocolate into the test tubes, so technically this gift set could work for two people!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

How-to: Christmas Cookie Bake

Ok, so there's not a whole lot to it but over the years we've learned several way to "perfect" the process. Ps. If you aren't interested in hosting a cookie bake, at least scroll to the bottom for a famous family recipe!!

First of all, pick a weekend day to host/have the party. After you've picked your date, send out formal/casual invitations. I love Evites for the fact that the majority of us are checking emails/social media at some point every day. At this time of the year you'r receiving millions of sales ads and Christmas cards in the go paperless for this invitation.

Second, figure out how many cookies you'd like to make and divide the recipes up between your guests. For our cookie bake we have everyone make 4 different types of cookie dough because our goal was to have 12 different types of cookies.

Third, have your guests make the cookie dough prior to the party. This is different from a "cookie exchange" because you want your guests to bake them together. At my house we'll make the dough the week before and freeze them until the cookie could always do it the night before, whatever is easier on your part. an assortment of donuts from your local donut store in the morning...provide coffee and call in some pizza for lunch...this is not supposed to be a stressful event!!!

Fifth, make sure you find your most organized guest and let them guide the event....seriously....take turns...have someone keep a timer...while one is rolling the dough, the other is taking the dough in and out of the oven.

Lastly, if you take anything away from this, take this, DO NOT EAT ALL YOUR that for Christmas night when you have your stretchy pants on.

Ideas for Cookies: 
-Nutty Almond Delights
-Crinkle Cookies
-Chocolate Chips (it's ok to be basic) 
-Oatmeal Cookies
-Butter Spritz
-Peanut Butter Blossoms 
-Christmas Crack 
-Lemon Drops 
-Slice n' Bake Cookies
-Peppermint Sugar Cookies 
-Shortbread Cookies 
-Melt-away Cookies 
-White Trash Mix (doesn't have to be "cookies")
-Puppy Chow Mix 
-Gingerbread Cookies 
-Hot Chocolate Cookies 

I'd thought I'd share one of my favorite family recipes, Nutty Cracker Delights. This is one of my moms recipes she found in a Taste of Home magazine when we were little. This is one of those, "you can't come to the party unless you bring that" kind of desserts. It's simple but you have to have a couple of hands...grab your husband, uncle, cousins sisters for this one. 

-42 Club Crackers
-1/2 c. Butter
-1/2 c. Sugar 
-1/2 t. Vanilla Extract
-1/2 t. Almond Extract 
-1 c. Sliced Almonds 

Place crackers in a single layer on a foil lined baking pan
In a sauce pan over medium heat, melt butter, add sugar and bring to a boil, stirring constantly
Boil for 2 minutes 
Remove from heat and add extracts
Pour evenly over crackers, sprinkle with nuts
Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes
Immediately remove from pan and cool on wire racks 

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xx Lex

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beauty Favorites.

Biore Charcoal Pore Strips
Wow, these are so amazing. I have never had a pore mask that actually pulls the blackheads right from underneath your skin. I have tried expensive products such as the Boscia charcoal line from Sephora but this, this is a game changer.  Leave this mask on for 10-15 minutes while your doing your morning routine or your getting ready for bed. Finish with a moisturizer and you are good to go!
Click the link: here

Loreal Face Mask
This mask is super refreshing if your looking for something to completely refresh your skin. The eucalyptus purifies and mattifies your skin in just 10 minutes. Because this mask isn't super harsh, you can use these three times a week to slowly minimize those pores and mattify oily skin!
Click the link: here

St. Tropez One Night Only Bronzer
Best.Self Tanner.Ever. I have tried several self tanners but am always disappointed with the "orange-y" look it leaves on your skin. This product gives you such a natural looking glow for up to 24 hours! I try to put this on the night before an event and I wake up with a beautiful bronzed body every time. This to me, is worth it.
Click the link: here

Mac Lipstick in Mehr
This is the perfect fall lip color. If you've followed me for a while, you know my go-to lipstick is Mac Brave. Well, this is very similar…didn't shy to far from the "mauve" family but it is just different enough. Give this one a try this fall!
Click the link: here

Jose Maran Argan Oil
This oil will make your skin come "alive" again, putting moisture back into your pores. Every night I put a teeny tiny amount onto my fingers (a little goes a long way) and "press" it into my skin very gently. Just wait till you see your glowing skin in the morning!
Click the link: here

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream
This leaves your skin so soft, and moisturized. The mask contains seaweed (obviously), hyaluronic acid and collagen!
Click the link: here

Essie Nail Polish
Yass, you need this color. I'm addicted to the mauve color for fall this year and this is the perfect "mauve-y" red.
Click the link: here

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Links to love.

I"m sure everyone at some point throughout the day finds themselves searching through sites on Pinterest or links from Facebook/Instagram. Well, I've round up a few links I've found that are definitely worth your time.

Pumpkin Praline Cake
This delicious fall recipe would be great paired with a southern homestyle meal….ya'll know the kind I'm talking about…mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, biscuits….and then get yourself some a slice of cake and vanilla bean ice-cream.
Click the link here: here

I can't believe I just discovered this website, I used to spend hours unsubscribing from emails. The Unroll website allows you to sign into your email and unsubscribe from any subscriptions you'd like. Best part, it's completely free…no gimmick.
Click the link here: here

Pumpkin PB Dog Treats
Because your dog loves pumpkin too…and because it only has four ingredients. Make about 75 mini treats, depending on the thickness of the cookie.
Click the link: here

The 10 Best Desk Exercises
If you're sitting at a desk all you day puts you at risk for obesity, back pain, poor posture, leg cramps and tense muscles. These exercises won't take more than a few minutes and will be sure to relieve some stress.
Click the link: here

Ritz Carlton Chocolate Chip Cookies
This is a copy cat Ritz Carlton recipe, rich, chewy and salty. No excuse needed.
Click the link: here

Fall Stovetop Potpourri
Want your house to smell like fresh apple pie without the mess of baking? Try this easy fall stovetop potpourri. Mm mm mm.
Click the link: here

The Home Edit Pantry Kit
This kit is customized and designed to be a functional organizational tool to get your pantry in shape. The kit includes russel and hazel binder, poppin pen, 18 custom pantry labels, 6 spice jars and a tape measure.
Click the link: here